It’s so lame!!!

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“You are the first batch in China, there’re great picture in front of you!”
“You are learning MF technology, do you know what does that mean? It’s a job which you work a little and get really good payment!”
“You are gonna work for GE money. You are about to work on credit card system,you know it’s a very profitable industry!”

Someday I can still hear these kind of voices echoe in my head. It’s really welling up except it’s been said hundreds of times. But still one can believe in it, though he’s not steady about that. But yet we got chance to travel to India, and we got seniors to ship to China. That really counts for some level.

Things totally changed the moment there’s a finacial problem. It’s like out of blue for the company. People start to doubt they faith in the company. Right at the same time one shipped away, and one after another, it all started.

Some walked away.
Some lose their mind and hang out.
Some get all prepared and wait.
Some start preparing and hold on.
Some just get into the middle of hard place and rock.

Oh Crap!!!


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